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3 Big Uses Of Abrasion In-Home Services

Why do people call Blasttechs? Well, there are three big home improvement services that we often get asked to handle for homeowners. These may be done in different parts of the year and apply to different parts of your property. Still, blasting can be a good solution for all three different scenarios, as well as others.

Pool Resurfacing

You'll see that we've put out some blog posts about pool resurfacing and other pool maintenance.

As you get ready for a pool season, you may see some of those warning signs that we talk about:

  • Discoloration

  • Algae buildup

  • Loose Tile

With that in mind, you might want to ensure that your pool is in good condition, including getting the pool resurfaced and repairing the liner if needed. Blasting can be an important part of that process in getting the smooth surface result you need. Talk to our technicians about how this works for your specific type of pool.

Deck Restoration

Another common project is blasting to restore an aging deck or other woodwork.

In some cases, people use pressure washing for this type of maintenance. But in some situations, blasting is a better alternative if the high-pressure water might damage certain materials or take too much off the deck structure. Blasting is a "universal" approach to scouring a surface and making it new again.


Another common use of blasting is to help with cases where corrosion has made metal structures unsightly or unsafe.

This is often an eleventh-hour fix to something that has gone untended for some time. But we can take old surfaces and make them new again through abrasive blasting. Check out our gallery for more.

When you really think about it, blasting is uniquely useful for all sorts of restoration and remediation situations.

So much of what happens to things over time has to do with the surface – corrosion or residue or anything else builds up, makes things look bad, and can even compromise the structure underneath.

So employing a professional abrasive blasting service helps restore things to a neat and functional condition.

That's the key with pools, decks, and everything else. Tell us about what we do best at local properties and how to maintain your commercial or residential real estate. We have the professional expertise to fit a solution to your needs and to understand how to best help you to keep your property in excellent condition.

You can find more information on what we offer, how to schedule, and more on the website. Get connected to one of the best blasting companies in the business!

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