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A Controlled Environment? Blasting Wood – And Everything Else

What is blasting for, and how do you accomplish best practices in this industry?

We think we know a little bit about that - let's talk about how people use this type of service practically, and how they go about it.

Blasting Boxes and On-Site Blasting

First of all, when a lot of people think about blasting, they think about an enclosed blasting box where small parts and pieces can get smoothed and perfected for shipping or use.

That's one way to blast, but you can also blast on a customer’s site installation with open air systems. You just have to know how to do it correctly. You have to know what to work with, and how.

Organic Materials

One way to customize blasting is to change the sort of materials that you use to blast with. You may not be able to clean restaurant equipment with, say, sand or other similar abrasive materials, but you might be able to use things like dry ice to clean these surfaces for a food service contract or other industrial use.

Soft Blasting

Then there is the blasting power that you can control, too.

In some cases, as with wood restoration, you can't blast too hard, or you'll damage the underlying material. So by controlling the pressure, you control the job result.

There's a lot more to say about both of these things, and we will consult with our customers on every particular job, making sure that every customer's job is as good as the next one and treating every customer the same

We make that a part of our business philosophy for excellent blasting in the Albuquerque, NM area. Do you need people to come in and help you to perfect surfaces, or fine-tune parts and pieces for business use cases? We can help.

Blasting for Your Project

That's what blasting really is: it's a practical service. It’s something people might not think about as an option when they think about something like wood restoration – when they're sanding and scraping and painting – or when they're thinking about cleaning restaurant equipment – having people get in there with steel wool and scrub endlessly. In fact, those are two very good examples. You replace that manual labor with the power of modern blasting solutions and you get a lot more for your money and your time.

So no matter what kind of environment you have, and what you need to be reconditioned, blasting can almost always be a viable strategy for renovation and the rejuvenation of old objects or systems. We know this from experience, with our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction, and our track record in working with customers to develop the best overall plan for each of them. Get that blasting power on your side for help with a tough project.

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