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A New Meaning For The Word ‘Abrasive’

We think it's time for people to start thinking about the word ‘abrasive’ in a new way.

People often think of it mostly in terms of personality – where someone can be abrasive in terms of how they interact with other people. It's a negative, really. People say things like “they are abrasive – they rub me the wrong way.”

In our business though, being abrasive is a positive thing. Being abrasive actually makes things smooth. That's not how it works in human psychology and relationships, but it is a major part of many of the industrial processes that we help with as we support clients in getting the best results possible for their business operations. Here’s more about when abrasion may actually be a positive thing.

Wood Resurfacing and Restoration

If you've ever seen a particularly fine wood grain up close, you can probably appreciate the grandeur of natural wood surfaces. They look best when they're properly stained and sealed, and of course, sanded or smoothed through abrasive processes like ours.

That's part of what we do for some clients – helping them to create specialized wooden veneers for all sorts of products and installations. When you see that expanse of marbled grain, in a neat poly or other coating, you may be seeing our abrasion at work.

Rust Removal

Over time, metal objects that were bright, shiny and new from the factory can rust and discolor, and start to degrade over time.

Rust removal takes care of that discoloration, but it also smooths out the surface for renewal and new use. We sometimes end up blasting metal pieces large or small, to remove surface rust and restore materials to a newer condition.

Other Abrasion

Some of the other abrasive processes that we use involve blasting for parts and products that need to have the rough edges smoothed off, or be made more universally consistent for shipping and delivery. In aerospace, in automotive industries, and in home goods, these types of blasting processes can be important. Manufacturers, chemicals companies and other industrial clients also need blasting done on-site to maintain equipment, for example.

There's a lot more that we do, too, and you can look back through the blog to find out more about our operations. These industrial processes add a lot to what companies can do to up their game with custom products and manufacturing services. Get connected to a company that excels at – well, being “abrasive.” Not on the phone, though – we’re good at customer service!

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