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Blast Cleaning for Surface Prep

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Abrasive blasting uses compressed air to propel materials through a focused nozzle and onto a substrate. The process replaces more labor-intensive antiquated methods of surface preparation. Before blast cleaning came on the scene, traditional methods like sanding and scraping with a wire brush were your only tedious options. This made really large-scale jobs a really big headache. Luckily, things have changed. Now, you can call a blast cleaning company, like Blasttechs, and get the job done quicker and easier.

Blast Cleaning is a Safe and Effective Technique

There are multiple abrasive blasting methods for surface prep. Some may utilize different media, like acrylic or crushed grit, while others embrace techniques such as automating or using water. The size of the job and type of substrate really dictate the method and media. Of course, variables such as humidity and machinery also play a big part.

Many people mistakenly confuse blast cleaning with sandblasting, which is not the same. When the process was first introduced, it used silica sand which we now know poses serious health risks. Safer more effective materials are now used to strip rust, contaminants, and other imperfections from surfaces that will later hold protective coatings.

Cleaning and Preparing Surfaces

Blast cleaning helps prepare surfaces for adhesion by removing debris and residual contaminants that could weaken the bond between substrate and surface cover. It also helps to clean the surface and promote a stronger connection with the coating. Multiple industries utilize blast cleaning techniques to prepare surfaces. Some of the most popular include the military, automotive, and medical industries. However, they each use unique media and methods to accomplish their desired results.

Blast cleaning speeds up surface preparation time by more than 50 percent, both speeding up the process and cutting costs. It’s also more targeted and efficient than traditional methods requiring hands-on elbow grease. Blast cleaning is a flexible option allowing different media and method combinations to create smooth or rough finishes preparing surfaces for cover. It is an economical and cost-effective technique that helps ensure quality in the finished product.

Blasttech for Surface Prep

Whether your project is larger than life or small enough to fit on the shelve, professionals know that preparation is key to a quality finish. The experts at Blasttech in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are fully certified and committed to excellence ensuring complete satisfaction for every completed job. Schedule a consultation with the leading abrasive blasting service in New Mexico before your next project and let the highly skilled technicians at Blasttech earn your business.

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