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Five Types Of Wood Restoration For Your Property

Here at Blasttechs, we are often involved in working with wood products to make them look perfect – to smooth out any imperfections and restore old wood to its former glory.

Here are some of the types of installations that property owners are going for when they hire us to condition the wood in some of these designs for reuse and restoration. Think bout whether any of these would look good at your home or investment property.

Exposed Rafters

Some people like the rustic look, but others like to have rafters that are specially planed and sanded and blasted to achieve a very smooth, almost silky, surface.

You can see many of these installations on high-end properties or public commercial buildings where exposed wood rafters are part of a clean, modernist look. On the other hand, some of the installations that use this approach are mountain cabins and similar properties, where the bare-wood look is part of a rugged aesthetic. Still, having everything smoothly conditioned helps to avoid splintering and other issues.


Blasting wooden decks can also help to promote a smooth and natural restored look for the underlying wood. Whether it's a hardwood like oak or maple, or a softer wood like ash or poplar, a wooden deck can benefit from some type of blasting restoration treatment. Decks benefit from this kind of work in protecting the wood for longevity.

Doors, Windows and Trim

The trim around doors and windows is often painted, but when it's not, it can benefit from being restored in the same way. But more often, you're going to see this on the exterior panels of a door or fence, where wood has been lovingly restored to a very clean and smooth state. This can, again, be part of a pastoral aesthetic or plan for a building.

Accent Features

Then there are all those little bits of a property design where wood can be similarly restored by blasting, but the result applies to smaller and more specialized pieces that you might think of as “feature work.”

Think about the arms of a ceiling fan, for instance, or some decorative stripping on a given surface. All of that also looks better when the wood has been conditioned by processes like blasting, to restore a clean and useful look.

Other Blasting

We also do pool and concrete work, and blast flooring or other areas where old concrete can be restored, too, as part of maintenance for a high-end property. Ask us about all of the blasting services that we provide, with surface restoration methods that will make everything look great and add value to your property. We have a track record that can’t be beat, and a work ethic that had made us among the best in our field.

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