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Get Your Pool Ready For Summer With These 6 Tips

Before we know it, the sweltering heat of Summer will be upon us. Since the long, hot days are just around the corner, now is the perfect time to conduct maintenance on your backyard pool to ensure it is ready to be enjoyed. The winter months may have wreaked havoc on your pool, quickly causing it to fall into disrepair. Stay away from the heat, try to make last-minute repairs and upgrades, and get your pool in shape now so you can relax this summer in sparkling, clean water with your family and friends. Here are six steps you can take now to open your pool for fun in the sun when the temperatures rise.

1-Clean Out Debris

Dust, dirt, and natural debris will eventually find their way into your pool over the winter, even if it is covered. Sticks, leaves, and other debris can clog drains and create a mess in your pool. Before you dive into clearing debris from the pool itself, please spend some time cleaning the areas around the pool to ensure no materials find their way into the water. Make sure you use the correct pool cleaning tools, like brushes and nets, to remove the debris collected in the water and on the bottom of the pool.

2-Brush Steps, Ladders, & Walls

It may be tempting to overlook the steps and ladders of your pool when it comes to cleaning, but these spaces are critical for the safety of swimmers who enter and exit the pool. Always brush the steps, ladders, and other platforms in the pool to remove algae that can make them slippery. Once you've cleaned these areas, brush all the walls down to push algae and dirt to the bottom of the pool.

3- Vacuum The Pool

Vacuum cleaning your pool is essential to remove the grime from the water and improve its circulation through the filtration system. The unwanted particles still float on the surface, and the algae and debris brushed down to the bottom will be removed by the vacuum, making the pool sparkling clean.

4- Don't Empty Your Pool Unless It is In Need Of Resurfacing

Even though it may be tempting to drain your pool's dirty water and start fresh again, this is not necessary for everyday cleaning routines. Emptying your pool could create more problems than solutions unless the pool itself needs resurfacing. If your pool's structure is stained beyond standard cleaning efforts, you can have it restored through professional Blast Cleaning. Blast Cleaning your pool is an efficient way to restore a like-new surface for your pool.

5- Run The Pool Filtration System

You must run the pool's filtration system to clean out the remaining particles stirred up in the water by brushing and vacuuming. The timing may vary, but you should initially run the filtration for at least twelve hours, especially if it has been off for a while. Once the cycle is completed, please remove the filters, clean them, and remove all the particles.

6- Use Chemicals To Shock The Pool

Finally, use the correct chemicals to shock the pool and kill any remaining algae in the water. Shocking the pool will ensure the water is safe and clean for swimming once the designated time has passed since the treatment.

Final Thoughts

Planning ahead for getting your pool in shape for summer swimming will ensure that it is in working condition and safe and clean for you and your family to enjoy.

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