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What To Do If You Suspect Your Pool Is Leaking

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Pools are something that millions of people around the world enjoy, and for a good reason. They provide a quick escape from the heat and allow for a relaxing place to enjoy the day. In-ground pools are quickly becoming one of the most sought-after attributes of homes, with many people narrowing down their search for only homes with pools.

For homeowners, keeping an inground pool in working condition for many years requires regular upkeep and maintenance. Many pool owners stress about their pools developing cracks and losing water. If you suspect that your pool may be losing water, here is what you should do.

Check Evaporation Levels

It is natural for the water in the pool to evaporate over time, leaving your water levels low and in need of replenishment. You can see if the water loss your pool is experiencing is caused by evaporation by using the bucket test.

All you have to do is place a bucket filled with water next to the pool and mark the water level on each. Wait twenty-four hours and then check the levels of each. If the pool lost more water than the bucket, it may have a leak and need to be inspected.

Leaking Due To Plumbing Issues

The next step would be to isolate the leak. The leak could either be from cracks on your pool’s interior or holes in the pump’s plumbing. If you have isolated the leak to be in the plumbing portion of your pool, then there a few ways you can approach repairing it.

Many pool supply stores sell leak bonding kits that you can use to patch the leak yourself if it is minor. Be sure to follow the instructions and do your research before you attempt to use this method.

Leaks Due To Cracked Or Damaged Pool Surface

If cracks or damage in your pool cause the leak, then the situation just got a little more complicated. The first thing you should do is drain the pool entirely and locate all cracks within it. While there are methods of repairing cracks yourself, it is highly advised that you hire a professional service to repair your pool for you.

Some blast tech services offer pool repair and fix damages in the walls and lining of your pool. By hiring a professional service, you ensure that your pool’s leaks will stop and that the job will be done correctly to avoid further complications. Pool re-surfacing provides a longer life for your pool, giving you many more days of cool and relaxing fun.

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